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3 & 6 months available

Multi-Activity Boxes

4 to 7 activities in a box

Single Activity / 2-in-1 packs

1 to 2 activities in a box
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Learning Approach

Learning Approach

Based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence PodSquad activity boxes expose your child to the 9 intelligences (also called SMARTS) that he or she is born with. Our goal is to help them identify and discover aptitudes, all through hands-on learning and play.

Click here to know more about the 9 intelligences (SMARTS).

Subscribers also get access to our digital content
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Digital Resources

Our little PodSquad subscribers are entitled to engaging digital content
Pod Picks

Pod Picks

The newsletter for
every Pod Parent

Pod Games

Pod Games

Interactive games for your
child to play at home

Pod Printables

Pod Printables

Fun worksheets for your
little ones to practice at home

Pod Reads

Pod Reads

e-Books with
engaging Pod Stories

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  • My son 4 year old son Vivaan absolutely loved the Pods and the activities. The activity boxes are fun things for kids to do at home. Amazing content and lots of different things to keep your child engaged. Great idea and superb packaging. Kudos!

    – Shivani Dalal Haribhakti , Mumbai

  • My 6 year old son Rohan waits for the box every month! Super themes, high quality items within each box, and extremely creative packaging. Make great gifts and return gifts for kids birthday parties. 

    - Shaili Kejriwal, Mumbai

  • My 5 year old daughter Mishti and I had a great time with our PodSquad box. These are great indoor games for kids. Perfect for summer holidays and monsoon season. Extremely engaging fun learning games. 

    – Krupa Thakur Patil, Delhi

  • My 5 year old son loved the Smart Detective Box! The themes are original and different, and not what he learns in school so it’s a good supplement. Lots of fun projects for kids to do at home. Learning games are challenging and keep him busy for hours. 

    – Trupti Tarkar, Bangalore

  • My 4 year old daughter Mila insisted on me buying this box at an exhibition and I’m so happy I did! She learned so many SMARTS and new concepts and had a blast with all the activities. The packaging makes for great gift boxes for kids birthday parties.

    – Namrata Khara, Chandigarh

Sample Box


1. What is PodSquad?

PodSquad is a fun learning programme which combines a monthly activity box with engaging digital content for children in the 4 to 7 age group.

2. What is inside each box?

Filled with unique art & craft activities, board games, flash cards, books, puzzles and more that provide hours of fun and learning for children.

3. What subscriptions do we offer?

We have 3 and 6 month subscriptions offered at a discounted rate per box. Each month a new box with a new theme will arrive at your door. Shipping is free.

4. How do I access the digital resources

Once you have purchased your box or subscription, go to - create an account and simply log into to enjoy all the Pod Digital Resources.

5. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Please refer to our returns and cancellation policies.

6. How do I report any problem with my Box ?

Email or call us at +91 98204 40754.

7. Can I gift a PodSquad Box or Subscription?

Yes! On the SHOP page, or at checkout, once you select your package, please click on the green box ‘Send as a Gift’. Fill in the receivers details and a small gift note too and we’ll take care of the rest by delivering a gift-wrapped box each month to their address directly.

8. How much does shipping cost?

Except when on sale!

9. How do I renew a subscription?

Once your subscription is over and all the boxes have been shipped to you, you can follow the same procedure you did while subscribing to your first subscription.

10. How do I know when the next box in my subscription will arrive?

We will send you an email every time a new box is shipped to you.

11. How do I use a PodSquad discount coupon?

Select your subscription from, once you proceed to checkout you’ll find a dialogue box to your right displaying a discount option. Type out your coupon code in that and avail of your discount!

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