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All about developing early Motor Skills

All about developing early Motor Skills

A motor skill is simply an action that involves the movement of your kid’s muscles deliberately or subconsciously. Read further to know more about motor skills.

There are two types of motor skills: Gross and Fine.

Gross motor skills are large movements your kid makes, predominantly using his major muscle groups. This includes running, dancing and jumping.
On the other hand, fine motor skills are small movements your kid makes. For instance, writing, buttoning clothes and turning pages.

Fine motor skills play a crucial role in a child’s cognitive development and school readiness. We have listed three activities to help improve your child’s fine motor skills

1. Count and Sort Posting Box Mathematics Game

For this activity you will need a range of jar lids and bottle tops in various diameters and thicknesses.

Sort these into groups by size and then cover the front of each group with matching colors, using paper and a glue stick. 

After this, using a craft knife, cut slots into the base of a shoe box to make them fit the size and width of each group of lids.

Cut some pieces from the leftover paper and stick them around each hole as an indicator of which one belonged where.

Write the corresponding number of lids next to each color slot, ready for your child to find them and count them in as they posted them.

2. Sand Play.

Fill a large bucket with smooth sand all the way till the top.

Insert a bunch of marbles and small toys throughout the bucket.

Ask your child to pull out the materials from the bucket.

3. Patterning with Beads


Set out balls of home-made play dough with dry spaghetti skewers stuck into them.

Keep a box full of colored wooden threading beads in a range of sizes and shapes next to it.

Start off a repeating pattern onto one of the spaghetti skewers, then ask your kid to do the same.

Wasn't that easy and doable?? Come up with more such ideas to enhance motor skills in your child.

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