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Indoor activities for kids during the monsoon season

Indoor activities for kids during the monsoon season

Dear moms/dads of the world,

Today’s entry talks about various activities for kids to do at home during the monsoon. Be it reading, a DIY project, cooking with you or simply just having friends over, allow your child enough time to do them!

So whether on a school day/night or over the weekend, here are some indoor activities for kids or things to do with kids, we think would be perfect to do this season:

  • Make a game out of cleanliness: You are a lucky parent if your child is a neat freak. Though, if not, then their room probably would be like a land mine. Every step you take something or the other finds its way below your feet. Take a cue from the line above and play a real-time version of the minesweeper game with your child. Take turns to find a place to put your foot on clean patches and if one of you steps on more than a toy then the loser will have to clean up the rest of the room! Best part, you can make up similar games for other household chores as well. This is a perfect learning game for pre-schoolers!
  • A game of charades: If your child is not the best at spellings stop worrying and help him or her. You can create a game of charades from various storybooks or school textbooks too. Pick 10 words from the story, then enact it for him while he tries to guess what they are. Take turns to do this fun activity for kids that doubles up as bonding as well as teamwork activity too!
  • Activity boxes: The latest trend in the children’s department, activity boxes make for perfect indulgence. With a monthly subscription offer, you have the option to access various kinds of children’s learning games where your child can spend hours solving puzzles, reading books and more. They are not just fun but educational too!
  • Rewrite your lessons as a play: Make your child’s education a fun learning experience. You can help him or her study the lessons first, and if they cannot understand it, break it down for them by turning it into a play, where either of you can enact the lesson. Be one of the characters in the lesson and help him understand it.
  • Have DIY weekends – Every weekend, make it a point to spend time with your child no matter how busy you are. In fact, we suggest taking up mini do-it-yourself projects with your child as an indoor activity during the monsoon. Start with small projects where your child does most of the work – like painting an empty toilet paper roll – then show them the various things you can make from it. Or, you can even supervise your child as he or she makes a scrapbook using their different favourite things. Get your child to help paint your pots in the garden or let him/her decorate a coffee mug for you.

Have a mix of both educational games for kids as well as fun indoor activities and you are all set to beat the boredom of being stuck indoors during the monsoon!

Until later,

Pod Parents

*Try some of these and tell us what you and your child thought by leaving a comment below.

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