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The Monsoon reading list for kids

The Monsoon reading list for kids

Dear moms/dads of the world,

Picture sitting by a window, watching the rains with a pot of freshly brewed coffee and a good book for company. Makes for a perfect activity to do in this season…doesn’t it?  Added to that, imagine having to read with/to your child – such a wonderful way to get your child to read and also double up as a bonding activity for both of you.

To help make that happen, we’ve compiled a list of seven books for you and your child to read during the monsoon. Here there are:

  • Where the Wild Things are: Written by American illustrator and writer Maurice Sendak, this is a story about little Max and his adventure to “Where the wild things are”.
  • The Adventures of Curious George: The story of a monkey who once lived in Africa. The Adventures of Curious George takes its readers through George’s escapades in the city where his inquisitiveness gets him in trouble over and again.
  • Cat in the Hat: Dr Seuss’s Cat in the Hat is about two siblings – Dick and Sally – and their adventures with the cat in the hat who provides them with entertainment and turns their lives upside down. A book for all ages, this one is for the keeps!
  • Padma goes to space: Written by Swetha Prakash, this story revolves around Padma. A child who believes there are little children in butterfly shaped time machines who eat scrumptious star-rock salads somewhere in the universe.

  • The Adventures of Toto the Auto: Join Toto, the auto and Pattu in two fun adventures. One where he helps rescue people from the rain and another where he is a superstar. Author Ruta Vyas writes stories from everyday life that are cheerful making them a fun piece to read.
  • Harold and the Purple Crayon: Baby Harold needed a walk in the moonlight to fall asleep. Read this fun book written by Crockett Johnson to your little one and see what he has to say!
  • The Giving Tree: Shel Silverstein’s book tells a tale about the relationship between a young boy and an apple tree. The story teaches its readers about the joy of giving and unconditional love.

Stock up on these books for the weekends and start reading with your little ones!

Pod Parents

*If you have books you think we should read leave a comment below.

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