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What Christmas instils in a child.

What Christmas instils in a child.

Dear moms/dads of the world,

December is a month that is absolutely dear to both my kids as well as me. Why me? Well, mostly because my sister was born on Christmas Eve and every year as we grew up, our parents would let us celebrate Christmas like it was our own festival. A double whammy for my sister of course!  Every year we would pull out our small Christmas tree, decorate it while carols and songs played in the background just like it was out of a movie scene, while prepping for my sister’s birthday as well.

For years, we woke up early in the morning to find gifts with our names written on it either near the tree or sometimes even below our pillows. Naturally, we grew up believing in and celebrating the spirit of Christmas and all that comes with it, including Santa Claus.

One unfortunate year, I think I was still in my early teens and a friend who was staying over, ruined Christmas for my family. She mocked at our beliefs and laughed at us saying there was no such thing as Santa Claus. As a child, it was pretty brutal to hear the things she said… It wasn’t as if we didn’t know. Every child knows the truth but, it was how she made a joke out of the whole thing that upset us. Our parents especially. Sadly, that year was literally the last proper Christmas we had.

Through these small things that our parents used to do around Christmas, is when learnt about what tradition and belief. They taught us that if you have a connect with something and you believe in it, then believe in it with you have, even if it was make believe. Now, that is something we only realised when my sister and I had our own kids. It was our turn to carry forward a tradition given to us by our parents. And I think we’re doing just fine. We also currently send our parents gifts without telling them every for Christmas just let them know that the tradition and belief are still going strong.
So from one parent to another, don’t let anyone else ruin Christmas for you and yours.
Celebrate the festival as a reason to celebrate togetherness and spreading happiness.

Until next time,


Pod Parent

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