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Activity Boards- Animal Habitats


Who lives in dry deserts? What swims about deep underwater? Who can stand the freezing tundra? And what roams the grasslands? Learn the names of the four main habitats, their unique characteristics and the animals that live in them. Watch your child have hours of fun, with six different ways to interact with the boards.

How to play:

1. Sorting – sort cutouts according to each habitat.
2. Attach – attach the cutouts to the correct habitat.
3. Shadow match – match the cutout to its shadow.
4. Finger maze game.
5. I SPY game – search and find activity.
6. Odd one out.

Learning outcome: Animal names, 4 main animal habitats    

Skills learned: Key motor skill, hand-eye coordination, observation, sorting, picture word association and visual memory

Perfect for – Gifting, travelling and independent play

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