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Christmas Box


Personalised Christmas Box

Santa’s little elves – Loving Pod and Chatty Pod bring to you our limited edition Personalised Christmas boxes!

Packed with 7 activities  and over 30 + items  – your child will be creatively busy throughout December! Perfect for playdates, Xmas party return gifts and Xmas gifts from Santa.

What’s Inside?

  1. Pom Pom Christmas Art – Includes 2 scenes – 1 Xmas tree and 1 gingerbread man, over 50 Pom Poms, 1 glue.
    Practice matching, memory and motor skills with this fun activity. Includes    over  50 colored Pom Poms and 2 beautifully illustrated scenes of an Xmas tree and Gingerbread man. Place the Pom Poms on the right place on each scene.
  1. Make your own Christmas Ornaments – Includes  4 wooden ornaments (1 snowman, 1 bell, 1 Xmas tree, 1 stocking), decorative beads, silver glitter glue, 1 set of paints with a paintbrush, thread, 1 glue.
    Get creative, and paint and decorate your own ornaments. Use the designs provided as a guide. Hang them on a tree for all to enjoy.
  1. Bedtime Story Book 1 – Join the Pods in an adventure on making cakes. Bedtime Story Book 2 – A cheerful story that teaches children to help each other.
  1. 1 large pin-up coloring poster – Doodle this season away with this large coloring poster and pin it up.
  1. Christmas Stickers – Have fun decorating Xmas greeting cards with these fun stickers.
  1. 2 Pod collectible soft toys – Start your Pod collection with Loving Pod and Chatty Pod – our favorite little Santa’s elves.

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