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About us

Welcome to PodSquad

What is PodSquad? 

PodSquad is a series of learning tools for children ages 2 to 8 years old, created to help today's child get a headstart with early learning concepts and skills through fun activities. Our children's activity boxes have been curated by experts, approved by teachers and tested by kids, so that your child gets the maximum benefit from our learning programme. We aim to encourage curiosity and creativity in children by providing them with the right educational games, arts and crafts, puzzles, flash cards, books, and more all focused around independent play. 


The Learning Approach 

The PodSquad learning programme is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The theory states that every child is born with 9 Intelligences  – some more pronounced and some less so. Giving every child the opportunity to explore these, helps us as parents and caregivers to identify their aptitude early on and help them grow in the area they are best at. The activities in PodSquad have been designed keeping specific learning outcomes in mind, and are created to expose children to these 9 Intelligences – or SMARTS. 
Click here to know more about the 9 Intelligences or SMARTS.

How it helps 

As the world changes, we believe that as much, or perhaps even more than academic success, children who have discovered and honed their skills in areas of their own ability and interest, will find success in life. In traditional educational curricula, much emphasis is placed on math-based and linguistic intelligences. By exposing learners to all 9 Intelligences, we can identify what they are good at and enjoy doing. This also helps us guide them and give them relevant support as they grow into confident young people. PodSquad has been designed with a view to integrate 21st century pedagogies into the activities, thus equipping young learners with the relevant skills to be successful .   

Created by educationists

PodSquad has been conceptualised and designed by the educational team at Quadrum Solutions. Quadrum has over a decade of experience in creating and designing educational books for some of the world’s largest publishers across India, USA, UK and Africa. 

Our panel of experts includes over 50 teachers, authors, editors, instructional designers and graphic designers who understand the nuances of early learning. The team has created over 10,000 educational and supplementary books, as well as digital content, and has now come together to develop PodSquad with the vision to create a truly unique experiential learning programme for kids. 

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